Gilbert Putteman | Art critic

“Entering in Marc’s studio is an intriguing experience. Here you find someone who works in complete isolation using all his gifts and talents. Here you discover the work of someone who knows his classics.


His works depict scenes where time has come to a standstill, where women are distant characters and where the atmosphere is one of desolation and alienation. His paintings invite you to take a closer look and step into a fascinating world.


Marc uses a sophisticated painting technique. It is clear that he masters the art of light. I call it an aristocratic, elegant painting style of a virtuoso who strives for perfection.


Marc’s paintings are never superficial. The isolated, desolated atmosphere troubles and challenges us to penetrate into the invisible world of our subconsciousness. His portraits draw the observer into their unique intimacy, none less so, than that of Barack Obama.


Marc is not only a gifted artist, he is also an excellent observer. Someone who understands what drives and touches the human psyche. I am convinced this artist is going to continue to surprise us with more of his impressive art works.”



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What others say